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On this page you can find additional information that is available on the internet about the potential medicinal properties that various studies and antidotal experiences have to say about the power of the Chaga mushroom. makes no claims on the medical powers of Chaga mushroom and tincture other then we  use it ourselves and we supply it to families,  friends and acquaintances.  With that in mind you can be sure that we take all precautions to produce a pure and potent usable product.

We  use the best products for the extractions, and the purest of the hand picked (none cultivated, wild) Norwegian Chaga  found in Norway above the Artic Circle where the few birch trees with Chaga go through sub zero temperatures during the long hard winters to survive  until the next spring and short summer to continue their annual blooming and growth.

Bellow you can follow some of the links about chaga and make up your own mind towards the value the Chaga mushroom can benefit you.  We offer a pure tincture containing the promising compounds that can be drawn out of the Norwegian Chaga mushroom.  Chaga (Scientific Name: Inonotus Obliquus) is a non-toxic mushroom that has numerous medicinal qualities. Chaga is one of the highest food antioxidants in the world and it has the highest level of superoxide dismutase or (SOD) detected in any food or herb.  The most valued property in Chaga is betulinic acid, which shows promising curative properties in studies being done. 

We will let others describe the bountiful  potential that can be found within this unique mushroom called Chaga.  Take the time to read some of these articles through the links below which describe what Chaga is and the wonderful possible benefits it can render to everyone.

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