Application of Dosage and Use
Raw Norwegian Chaga
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You can take the Norwegian Chaga tincture in various ways depending on needs and desire of usage.

If you require a strong and quick dosage to enter your body for any reason, open the bottle and squeeze the dropper to the maximum pressure while the dropper is still in the bottle and then place the drops you captured into your mouth under you tongue.  You may do this for 3-4 times while holding on to the liquid in your mouth and under you tongue for a few seconds

Doing this you get a full direct dose of the Chaga Tincture which is undiluted and at its strongest potency.  You may do this twice a day

Another way to take the Chaga Tincture is to fill a teaspoon with the Chaga Tincture liquid and adding it to any drink of your liking as long as your drink is not warmer then 50 C or 122 F.  You may do this twice a day also.

You may also add the 3-4 dropper contents to any item you eat or drink such as salads, deserts, sauces, smoothies etc.


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