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We make sure to use the best products for the extractions, along with the purest of the hand picked (none cultivated) Wild Norwegian Chaga  found in Norway above the Artic Circle.  Those Birch trees with Chaga go through sub zero temperatures in the large Birch  forests, during the long hard winters to survive  until the next spring and short summer to continue their annual blooming, growth and survival especially the Birch trees with chaga on them indicating that the tree was injured somehow.

Our double extraction is made by using at minimum 60 % alcohol (120 proof) to 75% alcohol (151 proof) to extract those constituents that only alcohol can remove.  The other part of the double extraction is the use of abundant  pure Norwegian snow pack water coming down from the snow packed mountains through waterfalls and rivers, streams.  The water is boiled with the chaga chunks several times and added to the alcohol based extraction.

The tincture is then bottled in dark glass dropper bottles to add protection to the freshness of the tincture.


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